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Amazon SEO Best Practices to Boost Your Rankings and Sales

Higher ranking With Amazon SEO strategies that every seller needs to know

What happens with listings that become stuck on Amazon’s fifth page, do you know? Not that much, that’s the issue.

As you want to grow sales and market your products organically,

For this, you have to understand Amazon SEO unless you have an unlimited budget for running ads.

Your products will not appear to Amazon customers without Amazon SEO.

In this article, you will get all the necessary information required to skyrocket your Amazon business in 2023.

Why Amazon SEO is Crucial For Improving Your Sales

Let’s start with understanding what Amazon SEO is and how it works.

Like other search engines, Amazon SEO is centered around Keywords. 

Customers find you when they search for specific keywords.

Sales are impossible if your product is not discovered. That’s how simple it is.

Amazone feels pride in providing the most relevant results that appear after searching by customers.

In nutshell, the algorithm shows the relevant products to the customers by matching the search term given by the client with the keywords in your product listing.

With the search term bar at the top of the page, everything begins. When a buyer searches for a product on Amazon, Amazon correlates their inquiry to the keywords in your product listing.

Rank Higher with Amazon SEO Strategy 

 The A9 algorithm determines which products to display and how highly those products will rank based on the following factors.

  • Searched keyword relevance
  • previous consumer preferences and behavior
  • number of previous purchases of a given product

Anyone who sells products on Amazon knows the value of being ranked highly in search results and of the significance of being preferred by Amazon’s search engine.

Most buyers who never go past the first page do not notice products that do not show on that page.

Focus on these two facts 

  • 70% of Amazon customers never search past page one of the results 
  • The first three products produce 64% of all sales.

Factors affect the rankings of search results on Amazon’s A9

  • Relevance keywords: mainly include the title and description of the product 
  • Supplying Stock: If you run out of stock, your listing may be dropped to the bottom of the list or not appear at all.
  • Price – A large  price difference from your competitors can cause a great loss

Optimizing Product Title 

The relevance of keywords in your product title is a significant component of Amazon SEO. Your product title should be as relevant as possible,

 so it’s critical to:

  • Include a specific product description.
  • Specify your brand.
  • provide the product’s color, size, and material.

However, it’s vital to avoid overloading your title with keywords, as this will make it harder to understand and will lower your click-through rate (CTR).

Optimizing Product Description

To convince the buyer to buy your product, it’s critical to provide a detailed product description. Include any key details along with an explanation of your product’s benefits and features.

Your product description needs to sound natural and read well.

Your Amazon seller name 

By inserting relevant product keywords in your seller name, it is sometimes possible to increase the rank for specific products.

It’s crucial to include an exact brand name in listings because consumers frequently search for products using brand names.

Backend search terms on Amazon

Only Amazon sellers can see backend keywords, which are hidden keywords.

By using them, you can inform Amazon’s algorithm that a particular keyword is relevant to your product.

They are necessary for keeping your listing clean while keeping helping your product rank for other significant keywords without trying to pack them all into your listing.  

With each line having a 50-character limit, there are five fields that you can fill out with backend keywords.

Keywords Tracking

The process of creating keywords for your products is not one-and-done.

Amazon is constantly evolving with new products, reviews, and even algorithm updates implying that you have to update your keyword list.

You should monitor your rank for each of your keywords at least once each week. There are tools available to assist. In addition to several well-reviewed products, Helium 10 mainly provides a keyword tracker.

If you notice a drop in your keyword rankings, you should act fast to determine the issue and develop a new strategy. When you see a drop in the performance of a keyword then you should start hunting.

You can adjust your listings as customers’ language changes over time by using a free service like Google Trends.

The tool helps to compare search volume over periods and provides geographic information on the origin of the searches.

Another technique to look for shifting keywords is finding influential people in your industry and studying their language for nuances that can affect the performance of your keywords. Find out the terms and qualities they often discuss.

For instance 

If you market your product as a “camping backpack,” while niche influencers refer to comparable goods as “hiking packs.”

Optimizing Your Product Image 

The only method for online sellers to see a product without physically holding it is through images and videos.

Customers can zoom photos on Amazon to get a closer look at the items and to make this feature work, they advise using large photos that are at least 1000 pixels in either height or width. As high-quality images have long been linked to better sales levels, they have a significant impact on velocity and, therefore, the rankings in search results.

Additionally, I advise experimenting with graphical strategies, such as clearly showing pictures to people rather than products.

As an illustration, Medalia Art noticed a 95% boost in click-through rates when they switched out paintings’ images for photographs of the artists themselves.

Positive Reviews

Product reviews are essential for boosting sales and for showing higher in search results. Products with a high number of positive reviews do better because consumers place a lot of trust in social proof and rankings.

On the other hand, because Amazon is aware of this, a product with more positive reviews will rank in the search results.

Try to add a little note in the package you deliver your customer or send a thank-you email thereafter to ask them to kindly leave a review.

Your Amazon shipment Rate

Your amazon ranking is heavily influenced by how quickly you deliver your products.

It is highly normal to see prime products outrank other products despite having fewer reviews, higher prices, and fewer sales. Because Amazon knows that this provides a great customer experience and it’s likely that consumers will be satisfied and return for additional purchases.

Final thoughts

You are now ready to improve the ranking of your product. You must invest the necessary time in selecting reliable keywords at the start and keep track of their progress over time. Remember that while keywords serve as the foundation for Amazon SEO, the algorithm takes into account a lot more factors to determine rank and for that to happen, your entire listing—including the product images—must be impressive.

Your Amazon SEO efforts will pay off, but it will take time, and developing organic sales requires tolerance.

To support your progress, do you need a marketing partner? Working together, let’s scale your brand on Amazon more quickly.

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