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Best Tips to Boost Amazon Conversion rate in 2023

What makes things frustrating? Even if you know you have the top items on Amazon, the sales aren’t just pouring in.

You are now in a situation where you are starting to doubt the quality of your products and wonder if you made a mistake.

Don’t give up, yet! 

It’s crucial to look at and research your Amazon conversion rate to identify the key problems, because the main issue is not your product.

Amazon is the leading and popular E-commerce marketplace so studying conversion rate is rewarding and highly beneficial for your FBA business. 

Let’s discover how to improve your listings to increase sales and make your products stand out from the competition.

A high conversion rate converts into a bigger volume of conversions.

Simply stated, you’ll earn more money if your conversion rate is higher.

“Conversion rate is the ratio of sales to page views for your product listings on Amazon”

More people who click on your product page buy it, hence a greater conversion rate will boost your sales and profit. As a result, you will make more money and have more sales.

Conversion rate= sales/page views

Why Conversion Rate is Crucial  for Amazon Sellers

Your product receives improved organic ranks on Amazon as a result of your efforts, which increases traffic and sales.

Here are some facts:

  • Your traffic will be influenced by an increased conversion rate. When a product receives a lot of customer traffic, the Amazon algorithm recognizes that the product is relevant to the given keywords.
  • A better conversion rate indicates to Amazon that you have a product that consumers are looking for, high conversion rate indicates to Amazon that you have a product that customers are looking for.
  • It has a high rate of conversion of visitors into actual paying customers.

The World Is Evolving:

In the past, you  expected a conversion when a customer walked into your physical store and inquired about your products.

On the other hand, online purchasing is a completely different story! Even when customers have seen and read about your products, the conversion rate is lower.

Do not forget that this is not always possible in your situation. Here I’m going to share different ways to improve your Amazon conversion rates.

Sustain Price Competition/

Maintain a Competitive Price Range

If a company prices too much for its products or too little, it can be viewed negatively. Price can also influence whether your company is selected for the Buy Box.

With a few exceptions, it is strongly advised to maintain stable prices on Amazon, which can also result in higher search rankings.

Exceptions include even 

New releases, cross-selling, seasonal discounts (like Christmas day or Haloween day), and stock clearing.

Competitive doesn’t mean the lowest price, consumers will start worrying about quality when the price is the lowest. 

Your business can earn many benefits by selling products at a competitive price, including:

  • an improved ranking in search results
  • Easy to understand pricing
  • Buy Box

Promote Your Products and Brand With PPC

Another method to boost your Amazon conversion rate is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. You can market your products and brand by using PPC secondly, as paid advertising is displayed at the top of search results, you can optimize your real estate too.

A few advertising strategies that Amazon provides include:

Sponsored Brands Ads, three products are promoted which are shown at the top of search results.

In Sponsored Product Ads, only one product is promoted, which is displayed above organic search results.

Product Display Ads,  promote a single product, that appears on product detail pages

Your team must keep a low Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) if you want to improve your conversion rate on Amazon. A high ACoS can reduce your profits, which is bad for the bottom line of your business.

However, PPC advertising has the advantage that your company just pays per click. You don’t pay when a customer views your advertisement or for impressions. This tool can help your team make the most of your advertising budget and raise your return on investment (ROI).

Use Only Top-Notch Images

One of the best ways for a customer to visualize your product is through images.

It’s one of the main strategies customers find out about your product and choose whether it’s valuable to purchase. Your product is more appealing if the photographs are more appealing.

 You should add images from every aspect of your product so that the customer can truly understand what it comprises. Some Amazon sellers offer images with labels that list the features of the products and dimensions.

The first thing a customer generally looks at is our product photos. They determine the success or failure of your listing.

If you have unattractive photographs, buyers can leave right away. They won’t continue to read the bullet points or descriptions of your products, and they won’t buy anything. The conversion rates on Amazon are improved by better search rankings. That’s why making sure that your product photographs are optimized for the Amazon platform is essential 

By Using video, Create a Connection with your Content

Have you ever heard the proverb?

We purchase with emotion and defend with reason”

When we want to buy a product, we frequently come up with excuses for choosing it over competing products.

In order to engage with your customer, you should use your listing as well as you need to be sure that you’re targeting your audience’s issues and the problem they’re trying to solve and showcasing your product with video is the most effective way to communicate.

To assist customers in making a decision, Amazon lets you add a brief video to your listings. These videos are typically 1-2 minutes long. You have the opportunity to explain your product in your product video and illustrate how life might be improved by using it.

Product Description Optimization with EBC Content

Next, a strong product description will help convince buyers that your product is valuable. And we know description vary depending on the product you’re selling, but there are some fundamental tips that any seller can use

  • Prioritize the features that your target market requires in a product by first focusing on their needs, then, make it obvious how your product offers these advantages and how it will improve their life.
  • Adding relevant keywords is an important thing to focus on while writing bullet points.
  • Only highlight features and advantages that set you apart from your competitors and address the pain points or issues that your customers have.

Promoting premium content can increase sales. Amazon claims that as a result of the increased traffic and conversion, sales increase by more than 5%.

Add killer bullet points

Engage customers with brief, engaging language and avoid lengthy product descriptions.

Use customers’ everyday language for writing bullet points.

If available, a guarantee or warranty can eliminate customers’ worries.

A9 Algorithm

To help customers find products, Amazon’s search ranking system, known as the A9 Algorithm, takes into account sales volume, keyword relevancy, cost, and product accessibility.

Hacking this algorithm entails:

  • study the keywords that consumers use to search products 
  • Without stuffing them, use these keywords naturally in the title, bullet points, and search terms.
  • For improved options, audit product categories on a monthly basis.
  • Feature important product advantages 
  • To protect and improve your listing, register your brand with Amazon’s brand registry.
  • Improve the byte counts of your title, bullets, and description.

Build Credibility with Improved Reviews

 Shoppers often read reviews to guide their buying decisions.

  • Sadly, research reveals that 92% of consumers will hesitate to make a purchase if there aren’t any. 
  • 94% of consumers will not buy anything at all as a result of bad reviews.
  • After reading a positive review, 75% of internet users trust a company.

To control your product’s narrative, reply to more reviews timely and offer  generous compensation to dissatisfied  buyers.

Listing optimization with SEO

Your products will appear more prominently in Amazon search results with the help of Amazon SEO. For example, if your company sells “power tool sets,” and someone searches for those terms, it makes obvious that you would want your product to show up in that search result.

It can directly affect your conversion rates if your company doesn’t appear on the first page of search results. According to research, 70% of Buyers don’t browse past the first page of search results.

Amazon SEO is crucial because customers are able to find what they are looking for on the first page.

Drive Traffic By Using Scarcity  / 

Scarcity is effective marketing strategy 

For increasing demand for your product and traffic to your product page using scarcity is very helpful.

If you didn’t notice, products that are going out of stock always notify customers, even if they don’t click on the listing. When promoting your products, use this to inspire a demand in potential customers. If they believe they need your product, they will order as soon as possible to ensure that it doesn’t run out!

Concluding Remarks/ 

Moving forward

As you can see, this article has provided you a lot to think about.

Increasing conversion rate is a broad goal and there are a lot of ways to achieve  it. In the end, what you’re doing is trying to attract potential customers to your page and provide them with many reasons to buy your product.

With Managed Listing you do not have to use trial and error tactics, which waste time and money.

Avoid mistakes and tactics at being to protect your brand from back growth

Try the suggestions discussed above, and discover what works best for you. We gave general advice to each strategy that is flexible enough that can be applied to different product offerings.

Would you like to explore how we handle our Amazon listings and raise conversion rates?

See what we can accomplish.

We’re sure that if you use this advice for your particular product offering, you will see increased conversion rates.

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