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Creative Product Photography Tips to beat the competition in E-Commerce

Words are no longer trusted; instead, images are.

“What else inspires customers?”

Answer is 

” A picture speaks a thousand words.”

In my opinion, the feel is more important than appearance. Nobody will ever be able to feel anything when viewing your photographs if you are unable to feel what you are viewing. 

The same condition is for e-commerce product photography.

For any online business, images are the most effective sales tool. Why?

Because they convince the customer to buy something.

Product Photography Increases Credibility

The power of photography is beneficial for those who are looking to boost their online business.

Consider your listing’s images for Amazon as the front porch of a house. Believe it or not, the external look holds even stronger value than the actual or the inner part.

Surviving changes without good photography in the realm of e-commerce is minimal due to tough competition and the change in customer behaviour looking for a clearer sight for every product.

92.6% of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by images.

Go Pro

To get incredible shots, hire reputable and experienced services.

Consider integrating lifestyle settings, prints, and bright colours to showcase your products in exciting and engaging settings. 

If you want to build your unique brand apart from the competition.

Choosing from a variety of background colours provided by many expert photographers will make your products appear appealing on amazon listings and other platforms.

The main goal is to make excellent quality product e-commerce photography that is faster, easier, and more convenient. 

Visuals Trigger Customer’s Emotions

Images are more effective at triggering emotions than text. If you see a picture of a kid with poor clothes, hugging their mother, in a war-torn country, instantly you can feel sympathy for them.

Similarly, images of the model enjoying the key benefits of the product are extremely effective at increasing conversion rates on Amazon listings.

If you look closely at the image, you’ll see how the emotions of the target market  (parents) are influenced by that picture.

The baby is shown smiling while playing with the toys, thus influencing the parents to buy. The image is a fantastic illustration of how emotions and the target market blend.

To compete on Amazon, you must put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Someone else will if you don’t.

Capture your Potential Buyers with Eye-Popping Images

The best product photographs give your customers no other choice than to hand you their wallets.


Creative product photography is one of the best techniques to convince customers to stop scrolling and click on your listings, as consumers are visual, so what they see influences them to form buying decisions. 

The brain processes images 60,000 times more quickly than text!!

Hold on… what?! Yes, that’s what science supports.

Creative Shooting Position

The greatest method to show-off all the features of your product is to take pictures of it from all angles. Additionally, using “zoomed-in” photographs of particular features is a great way to create excellent selling points through your Amazon product photography on your product listing.

A high-quality photo resolution and pictures that display both distance and up-close is crucial in attracting customers. The vast majority of individuals verify that attractive photographs catch their attention as they enable them to see the item they are looking for

Utilizing 360-degree e-commerce product photography is another excellent approach to achieving this. For a buyer to have a clear idea of every aspect of your product and the care that went into making it, this type of photographic service would often shoot 72 images with a 360-degree focus.

Product photography for Amazon on a white background is a crucial component of the photo deck on your listing, but there is much more you can provide to visitors that can enhance conversions and time spent on your listing. Burgeon Heights recommends two particular photographic styles that will improve your listing and overall product showcase 

  1. Product Photography At Studio 
  2. Lifestyle Product Photography

Product Photography At Studio

You can increase engagement with bright, entertaining, and complimentary photographs to your listing that elicit mood and emotion from viewers by using creative in-studio production photography. This image style is purely creative and helps in giving your product a brand voice and style.

Lifestyle Product Photography is Crucial

Amazon is such a huge platform, that if customers don’t feel like they can trust the product to live up to its promises, they will quickly move on to the next listing – which will probably be your competitor’s!

The word “lifestyle” may turn people off. For certain companies, it sounds like marketing jargon. In comparison to vital product photography, lifestyle may seem extra or insignificant.

When lifestyle photography works, it helps customers in connecting their lives to the products you sell.

In short, lifestyle imagery is a key sales tool! A single image can convince potential customers that your product is for them. For example, look at these product photographs:

The customer can imagine the product in settings like their home or garden or see themselves in the model that is showcasing it.

By displaying sizes appropriately in lifestyle photographs using actual models and natural staging, the chance of a customer making a purchase increases.

If you can master your key sales images, you will quickly prove to buyers that you are aware of their needs and expectations. Although it’s complex, we’re here to make it simple.

  • Your photographs must compete for viewers’ attention, not only against the other photos on Amazon but among all other options that people could look at! Creating simple, eye catchy content that pops out on the screen is key.
  • Most Amazon graphics draw attention for only a few seconds since people’s attention spans are short. Simpler, more focused images will perform better than busy, complex visual information

Effective photography, therefore demands proper planning. To tell a story of your product you must choose all the elements with the care that grab the attention of your target consumers.

All of Amazon’s features must be used in your images which means planning 

 photography sizes and dimensions.

Editing Transforms Ordinary Photos into Exceptional images

After the shoot, editing your images is important because it gives you a perfect look. For beginners taking pictures with proper backgrounds and the right lighting takes trial and error

Luckily, defects can be removed with photo editing software or programs.

The software can be used for a variety of tasks, such as color correction, background removal, shadow addition, and mannequin removal for a more realistic appearance.

Mostly Customers use Mobile devices for Online Shopping

Although most people use cell phones to access the internet, it is essential to attract mobile customers by showcasing stunning photographs. You must let product photography speak for itself because mobile phone users who shop online want quick, straightforward content and do not have the time to read lengthy text.

For mobile users, this strategy is valuable, especially for those who enjoy the ease of one-click purchases while travelling.

Statistical Analysis 

Are you still not convinced by the importance of e-commerce product photography?

Here are some figures that prove how important product photography is for your eCommerce marketplace.

Almost 65% of users prefer emails created with images and only 35% like those that are text-heavy.

The majority of people (65%) are visual learners. 

According to a survey by Simply Measured, brand content engagement has increased by 46%, while photo engagement has increased by 65%.

If your content has images, you have more views than your competitors by an average of 94%.

A report by Social Bakers indicated that photos stand out in the market through Facebook, making up 98% of the most engaging postings on social media.

About 35% of internet users are willing to share photos they browse on the web.

Product Photography Matters 


The quality of your Amazon product photography on your marketplace listing and the number of conversions your listing will generate are strongly connected.

Ask yourself this question honestly: Would you purchase something online with a poor image? Do you trust a business with poor-quality images? When customers interact with your brand images, these are the questions consumers have on a subconscious level.

One of the best business decisions you will ever make is to invest in product photography for your eCommerce store. Not only  you will notice your conversion rate improve, with excellent custom images, you can also improve your marketing campaigns, use graphics to showcase your product’s USPs, create a stronger sense of brand identity, and grab new customers.

Burgeon Heights works with hundreds of Amazon sellers (new sellers and top sellers both) to produce photos that effectively highlight products and develop a deep emotional connection with the customer, which usually results in a “Add to cart” click.

We are concerned that you want to dedicate your time to focus on what you do best- to promote and sell your product making sure your brand stands out in the best possible way.

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