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Sample Consolidation

There are millions of businesses across the world and tough fight between competitors. So it is very difficult to make a business profitable. Due to the lack of capital small online stores often have no choice but to compete solely. This puts them in a difficult situation. The revenue they make is not enough to invest in technology and compete with the big players who came up with strong brands, big budgets, and millions of loyal customers. So in this case consolidation is a self-accelerating phenomenon. This service is effective when you need samples from various suppliers for a single product or for several different products, and recedes the cost of logistics/courier.


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It is very necessary for an e-commerce business to choose a good fulfillment partner. Because without a good fulfillment partner, you can quickly lose customers and money and that could be proven a nightmare to you. If you want product samples from multiple suppliers but also require a cost-effective way to get these samples delivered to you. Then do not need to worry because the solution is here. Our team will consolidate all your samples and pack them in one box and save you a great deal of money.


Benefits You Will Get

We offer services like sample consolidation to our clients. To reduce shipping costs, we combine multiple orders in one box or package while retaining the original packages. It also becomes easy to monitor the products because there will only be one tracking number. We make sure that the recipient gets the shipment in one go. Do certain measurements to protect fragile items. Reduce the expenditure of couriers by consolidating samples from different suppliers in one central location. We do basic quality measurements to avoid obvious sample defects and ensure that there is no damage before shipping. 

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